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The Hey My Man Podcast is the best of your favorite self-made Midwesterners - Week to Week, Dave and Ben use their respective life experiences to bring you the hottest of takes on topics like relationship building; proactive parenting, conscientious parking lot parking, leadership strategy, and chaos theory.

No Religion - No Politics - No RHCP

Episode #260 - Hard Out

September 15th, 2020

Music By:

Dead Milkmen - Bruce Springsteen - John Williams 

Episode #132 Live With No Audience

November 13th, 2016

Episode #132 Live With No Audience

00:00:50 - Opinion’s Lives Matter
00:20:11 - What The Heck Is A Meme
00:25:25 - How Dare You Bill Burr
00:33:50 - Code Brown
00:51:16 - Hit Dat Shit

Operation Ivy
The Cure

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