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The Hey My Man Podcast is the best of your favorite self-made Midwesterners - Week to Week, Dave and Ben use their respective life experiences to bring you the hottest of takes on topics like relationship building; proactive parenting, conscientious parking lot parking, leadership strategy, and chaos theory.

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Episode #150 - The Godfather

April 18th, 2017

Episode #150 - The Godfather  
00:00:38 - Greetings
00:02:32 - Sequel Sweep
00:04:39 - Packing
00:9:50 - Lil Tikes
00:21:26 - My Bodyguard
00:29:31 - Chaz
00:52:43 - The Godfather

Operation Ivy
Barry DeVorzon
Michael Danna and Rob Simonsen
Dan Fogelberg
John Travolta
Brian Bromberg
Katrina & The Waves
The City Of Prague…
New Edition

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