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The Hey My Man Podcast is the best of your favorite self-made Midwesterners - Week to Week, Dave and Ben use their respective life experiences to bring you the hottest of takes on topics like relationship building; proactive parenting, conscientious parking lot parking, leadership strategy, and chaos theory.

No Religion - No Politics - No RHCP

Episode #197 -  Take The L

November 29th, 2018

Episode #197 -  Take The L

00:38:00 - Taking the L 

00:08:38 - The Smoking Jay Syndrome 

00: 11:28 -  The Coach  

00:26:48 - Creed 2

00:33:13 -  Put An End To The Moshing  

00:54:49 - Good Morning Julia 



Dan Fogelberg 


Three DogNight 


Norman Greenbaum

John Cafferty 

Bill Conti


Smoking Popes 

Naked Raygun 

Jaw Breaker

Episode #139 - Leave The Kids At Home

January 17th, 2017

Episode #139 - Leave The Kids At Home
00:00:00 - Old Business
00:01:40 - The Faucet Story
00:22:55 - Pizza Pizza
00:28:16 - Barcadia
00:42:22 - EZSPEEDBAG
00:53:20 - Standby Your Salt Rock
00:55:40 - Whats With The Progressive News?


Operation Ivy
Joe Esposito
Benny Hill Theme
Klezmer Music
The Drifters
The Rubinoos
The Brady Bunch
Naked Raygun


Ace Hardware Gus Bock
Little Caesar's Pizza
Chips and Salsa
El Amigo
Casa Del Mar
Social 219


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